If only you knew life of silence.  If only you knew just how hard it is.  Then you would know how special it was for you to help us.  

- Tyler, Age 18

"Before my son started typing, most everything was a mystery.  When he typed about the miserable reason why he wasn't sleeping and also that his right ear was infected - we confirmed both things with his pediatrician and were able to cure those ailments.  The real miracle is that we can get to know our son: an intelligent, empathetic, insightful and previously misunderstood boy whose full body dyspraxia masked the gifts that he was born to share with the world.  God has used FC to begin the unwrapping of those gifts.  HIs future is so bright." 

        - Ellen, son Davis, Age 9

"I'm on the ground running, I couldn't find my voice."

​Gentry, Age 18

"I want to type about my life of silence.  My life of silence was hard.  It was hard because it was very dull because nobody could know how I feel.  I feel good because I can talk now.  I feel my life is easier because I can type to talk."

-Henry, Age 15

"I want to say I am in here.  I understand.  I dream just like you."

- Matthew, Age 15

"Thank you for releasing my voice."

- Lanier, Age 16

 The Hope Chronicles

A message from our heart to yours