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Every person deserves the right to communicate.  Hear from those who have found their voice through typing.

Our experienced professionals will explore candidacy through Facilitated Communication.  The foundation of our work is Presuming Competence and recognizing that everyone has the ability to learn and communicate. 

In order to better serve you, a foundations workshop is required prior to receiving an assessment

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Upcoming Events:

​​2018 Sept/Oct Fall Seminar

Sept. 15 9 am-1 pm

Oct. 20 9am-1pm

Location: Peace of Heart Community 

14A South Roscoe Blvd., PVB, Fl 32082 

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what is facilitated communication?

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Training is key!  With your commitment to education and implementation, our short term coaching services will provide you a lifetime of communication tools for your child and support team.  

Facilitated Communication (FC) is a method that allows persons with limited expressive language to communicate through typing. 

When applying FC Best Practices, a communication partner addresses motor planning challenges that may affect a person's ability to produce intentional, organized movement.  With proper training, a communication partner will provide motor planning support, but never influences the words and letters that are typed.  

Learn more about the history of FC.