Morgan Tyner


Morgan Tyner has been a special needs educator for over 10 years.  Introduced to Facilitated Communication in 2014, she witnessed firsthand the intelligence trapped inside those with limited expressive language.  She sought further education through attending Syracuse University's ICI training programs, receiving a mentorship from several master trainers, and is an accredited Wellspring Guild Trainer.  Morgan has been able to grow her reach in the Special Needs community including coordinating numerous workshops in the southeastern United States.

Morgan currently provides consultation and training for over 50 families across the United States and speaks in schools, churches, and businesses to promote advocacy and education. 




At ACCEPTS, Inc. we are united in our beliefs:


  • Everyone has the right and ability to communicate.

  • Success requires an inclusive society where professionals, family and community members work together.   

  • Everyone deserves the respect to be assumed as intelligent.

ACCEPTS stands for A​ssuming ​Competence in Communication for Exceptional  Persons through Typing and Socialization.  ACCEPTS represents the belief that no one person has all the answers. Working together to build our strengths and ACCEPT our differences will invoke change.

Though we may not be able to change our circumstances, we can change the minds and hearts of others.  Our goal is an inclusive society for all persons with special needs.  We are dedicated to changing the attitudes of school, community, and social settings through informative awareness and advocacy.